10 ideas for inside play

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10 ideas for inside play

Here are a few ideas using items around your home.

  • Make a cubby.
  • Construct something out of Lego or Duplo.
  • Keepy Uppy - Blow up a balloon and using a clean fly swat or cardboard roll don’t let the balloon touch the ground.
  • Bake something with you mum/dad/aunt/uncle or grandparent.
  • Make a bowling game you can use old, clean milk cartons or plastic cups as “pins” and you will need a soft ball to knock down the “pins”.
  • Build a tower using items that can be recycled. (Boxes, cardboard tubes, cardboard, egg cartons and plastic bottles.)
  • You will need masking tape, pompoms and a straw. Make 1 line using the masking tape that will be your starting line. Then space 4 lines each 5cm apart. Mark the lines in different colours this will be a point system. (eg red = 1, blue = 2, Yellow = 3 and Green = 4)the aim of the game is to place pom pom at the starting line, child needs to blow through the straw and see how far the goes – the winner is the one with the most points.
  • Make a collage- sticky tape a large piece of contact (sticky side up) on a vertical surface. Children can stick an assortment of collage onto the contact- leaves, patty pans, flowers, ribbons, cellophane and much more.
  • Fill an old tissue box with ping pong balls,using a ribbon attach it to the base of the tissue box (box must be horizontal this will be tied to child's hips). The aim of the game is for child to jump around and empty the ping pong balls out of the box.
  • Try Painting with different objects (sponges, spatulas, bottles and lids). once they are dry, using coloured markers make a picture. Let imaginations run wild!

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  • Keepy uppy is a a big hit in our house we gave the tissue box game a go and my boys LOVED it!

    Betty on

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