Up cycling old blocks and wooden off cuts

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Hi everyone,

We hope you had fun with our messy recipes last week.

This week I’m going to help you transform a few old wooden building blocks or wood off cuts into a road.

What you will need:

  • Old blocks or wood off cuts
  • Black paint this can be blackboard paint, spray paint or acrylic (nothing water based )
  • White acrylic paint
  • Red, green and yellow sticker dots
  • Modge podge or PVA Glue (a glue that dries clear)
  • Paint brushes


  1. First you will need to give your blocks a light sand. This will allow the paint to stick.
  2. If the children are going to help I would recommend using Junior Acrylic black paint – and make sure children are wearing old clothes and art shirts. This is VERY messy.
  3. I usually lay out sheets of newspaper to protect the outside surface that I will be painting on.

  1. Now you are ready to start.
  2. Paint one side of the blocks at a time, allow drying time this is the hardest part but the better the drying process the better the finish.
  3. Paint the rest of the block and allow to dry once again.
  4. After 24 hours you can now paint on the white lines –I like to measure with masking tape to allow a sharp finish but it is completely up to you and your child. You might want to use chalk and wipe it off after you finish playing.

  1. Now we can decorate some traffic lights. On thin rectangular blocks stick the three coloured dots onto your blocks. To help seal and preserve the coloured dots apply two thin layers of clear glue –Allow 2 hours drying time per coat.


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