Sensory Box Fillers

Our Sensory box fillers allows children to work on their scooping, pouring and sifting skills. A wonderful sensory experience creating a calming and therapeutic learning experience.

Our eye catching coloured rice  and oats are taste-safe, non-toxic as only food grade ingredients are used.

Choking hazards, if your child is still putting everything into their mouth,  we recommend just waiting until they are a little older

 *Due to small parts it is important that children are not left unattended whilst playing with our sensory boxes not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Have a container of soapy water and a towel ready for wet or messy textures. If a child is tactile defensive, letting them know that the towel is there ready, in case they need, it will help them feel more at ease.


Please don’t force a child’s hand into a texture.  If they don’t like it or are having a hard time touching it, respect that. Gradual introduction works best, you are the best model for a child to follow, embrace the messy play.