Sand writing tray

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A wooden timber box with a perspex sliding lid for sensory play. Great for younger children to immerse themselves in the sensory wonder of sand, rice, gravel and so much more! Older children can also practice their writing and drawing skills.
This open ended toy encourages the importance of learning through play and will be one your child can come back to again and again because of all the different ways it can be played with.

Made from timber to create a sturdy box, children can explore their creations before wiping the sand clean, ready to start again.

This educational keepsake which will grow with your child and their developmental needs.

What's included in your package:

-Set of cards

-Wood Rolling pin

-450G Coloured Gravel

-350G Coloured Sand

-Timber box  (36.5x23x11.5cmH)


*Parent supervision required