Sensory Squish Kits

Sensory Squish Kits what is the purpose?

In the kits I have thought of materials that would benefit a child’s learning allowing them to experience divergent and enquiry based learning whilst expressing their creativity.

Loose Parts are open ended materials that can be used in multiple ways.

For Example: Pop sticks can be used as:

  • Legs for a creation
  • A roof for houses and buildings
  • A stem for a flower
  • An aeroplane

    As you can see by the examples above there is more than one purpose and no right or wrong way.  I personally think giving the opportunity of choice takes away the fear of failure and promotes the feeling of Power “I can do this” and “I’m proud of what I’ve made”.


    The 7 types of Loose Parts: 

    1. Nature Based Loose Parts

    2. Metal Lose Parts

    3. Plastic Loose Parts

    4. Glass and Ceramic Loose Parts

    5. Fabric, Fibre and Paper Loose Parts

    6. Wood reuse Loose Parts

    7. Packaging Loose Parts