Sensory Squish Roadworks Ahead Kit

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Roadworks Ahead kit

100g pebbles

-25x pompoms

-20x popsticks

-5x large stones

-6x pipe cleaners

-6x blocks

-6x sticks

-6x wooden spools

-6x wood slices

-4x road signs

-4x bamboo knives

-4x peg people

-2x construction vehicles 

-Tin bucket (assorted colour)

-Rolling Pin

- A jar of Licorice all sorts Sensory Squish

*Note; Inside with be a sheet of story book and nursery rhyme ideas. (These books and songs are not included.)



Due to small parts Sensory Squish is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Children must not play with Sensory Squish without adult supervision. 

Sensory Squish is not suitable for human consumption.