Sensory Squish Exploring Nature Kit

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Sensory Squish Explorers Kit

-100g mixes nuts, seeds and pods

-30x patterned feathers

-15g coco petals

-10g leaves

-30x patterned feathers

-10x stones

-8x mini pine cones

-4x Bamboo knives

-3x dried flowers

-3x elephant seeds

-2x log slices

-2x magnifying glasses

-Brush cone

-Rolling pin

-A jar of Vanilla  Sensory Squish 

Get up close to nature using the magnifying glass to explore it’s textures and patterns. How lucky are we to have such beautiful natural elements? Dose a pine cone leave a pattern when you roll it gently along the sensory squish? Can you make a bird? (Hint: You can use the leaves as feathers.) What could you use as the beak

Photo Credit : Cheree from @three_little_cherubs

* Note: Inside will be a sheet of nursery rhyme and story book ideas. (These books and songs are not included)