Fairy Mini Land

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 Items included :

-200g White stones

-100g blue wishing stones

-25 maple leaves

-12 wood rounds

-3 Fairies

-Bench, table and chair

-Elf, Bird, gnome and Pegasus 

-Tea trolley

Come and create a mini fantasy land, using all the components inside our jam packed box!

Creating a magic garden is always lots of fun. As you unpack this box brain storm with your child about ideas for different items that you can include in your fairy garden.

From the texture of mossy grass to the smooth transparent stones and the beauty of bright colours, our mini lands will encourage will engage your child on many levels. We have tried our best to use an assortment off different textures and loose parts with natural themes. The perfect activity for entertaining little ones.

Please be aware that there are small parts and pieces so adult supervision is required.


*Fairies, Pegasus, gnomes, birds and elves will be different (colours) to the ones pictured due to availability. Plants not included